2012 sounds very futuristic to me... it feels like the year that i'll be laying down the foundations for the next part of my life, the adult one. that's what my instincts are telling me, anyways. for me, laying foundations is a completely futuristic notion. long lasting foundations must be built wisely, no? here are some guidelines i'm setting out for myself:

  • i have to learn how to go towards people that deserve me, disregarding those that don't
  • i must learn how to protect/preserve myself
  • i need to understand what it is i want/don't want, as well as establish what is good for me
  • i need to find my voice and learn to ask for what i want/what is good for me
  • i must accept that my analysis of a situation is not always right/the truth, that nothing is set in stone
  • i need to learn how to take a step back when a situation i'm involved in is not doing me any good, learning how to say no
  • i need to learn how to let others get on with their lives and not get involved
  • i need to reconnect with my curious nature, have fun, discover new passions/interests, laugh more
  • i need to recharge my energy levels frequently by practising more yoga, going for walks in nature, meeting new inspirational people, learning how to disconnect from work
  • i need to live in the present and accept my surroundings, while trying not to walk a 100 km p/h
  • i must be better at staying in touch with my lovely friends around the world

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