this evening, i had dinner with a couple people i'd never met before - actually none of us had ever met before. and no, it wasn't a threesome blind date!! my friend Shtevie, who i lived with in Barcelona and who's in Sydney as we speak, set this international meeting in Milano up.

the guests?

Pollen: Shtevie has a 'kinda' girlfriend who is Dutch, he met her when traveling in Greece - this girl, Davitha, is now living Istanbul, where she met Pollen; Pollen is in town for business and didn't know anyone.

Eugenio: Eugenio, Italian from Rome, went to high school with Shtevie's brother, Al - Eugenio just moved here a couple weeks ago.

we went for dinner then drinks and all got along really well. i had a fab evening. i love meeting international people, they're my people: uprooted, worldly, multilingual & sociable.

shanx Shtevie!

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