ever since i saw the film Stealing Beauty in the 90s, i've wanted to get married in Tuscany: just the magic of it, the space, the casualness with a backdrop of pure natural beauty - oh and the food & wine!!!! So, when i read A Cup Of Jo's blog entry on her friend's Tuscan wedding, I died and went to heaven! 
here are some of the things the bride, Danielle Pergament, had to say:

"We had 120 people. Everyone came a week before the wedding. By the time the wedding day came, there had already been hookups and breakups and everyone was friends. Everyone rented houses, instead of staying in hotels, so it was like a flashback to college. You'd recognize people in their cars on the road. It was so awesome."

"I had always wanted a country wedding, and it really felt like that. We had a DJ playing loud music until nine in the morning, and we were in the middle of these huge fields."

check out some of the pics here:

and this is where the wedding took place, at La Bandita, Pienza.

(Photos by Michael Edwards)

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