Soph, Bradi and i spent an amazing evening in Deia, Mallorca. first, it took us over an hour to get there, driving along the windy mountain roads taking us inland from Puerto d'Andratx to Deia; secondly, by the time we got there, the sun was setting so we had a quick beer then strolled about the town's little paved streets... it is such a precious place and has been a haven for writers & artists since the 60s - as we walked around, a lot of the owners had left their doors wide open, giving us the chance to peep in as they went about their lives, painting canvases, sculpting, having dinner with their families, etc... it gave you a real feel of the town, how tight-knit the community must in fact be. the poet Robert Graves lived and was buried here we discovered, as we meandered through the town's small cemetery. we ended the evening at Xelini's eating too much food (fried cheese galore) and drinking too much sangria while listening to Bradi go on about the joys of being a "Salami"...

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