so, with my friend Lau, we've decided to write a list of 31 of the things we'd like to do before we turn 32. since i turn 32 in less that 6 months, i'm dividing the list by 2 (well sorta) making my list more achievable... so here is my list of 16 things to do before i turn 32:
  1. learn how to juggle
  2. go to Venice
  3. play/sing one whole song on the guitar
  4. start driver's license
  5. lose 10 more kilos
  6. have feelings for someone again
  7. tell them
  8. improve life/work balance
  9. buy a leather jacket
  10. have a "murder mystery" themed dinner party
  11. buy new snowboard gear
  12. stop biting my nails
  13. buy a piece of art (sculpture, painting, sketch, drawing, etc...)
  14. make my yoga practise weekly
  15. watch one Italian movie a week
  16. re-write my CV
and voila! thoughts??