i'm off to London on monday for two week's work which means i get to spend time with mia mamma + mi amici. another advantage of my London trips is all the movie going i get to do... in Milano, all the films are dubbed and the selection is not great (not counting Italian films in this equation of course), so when i go to London, i stage my very own film festival. this is my viewing list - here's hoping these are all currently showing:

  • "Please Give" by Nicole Holofcener, trailer here.
  • "The Kids Are Alright" by Lisa Cholodenko, trailer here.
  • "Mother & Child" by Rodrigo Garcia, trailer here.
  • "Somewhere" by Sofia Coppola, trailer here.
  • "Inception" by Christopher Nolan, trailer here.
  • "Eat, Pray, Love" by Ryan Murphy, trailer here.
  • "L'Affaire Farewell" by Christian Carion, trailer here.
  • "The Extra Man" by Robert Pulcini, trailer here.
  • and lastly, my guilty pleasure... "Eclipse" by David Slade, trailer here.

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