i've had the mother of all shit weeks: found out heartbreak ex is engaged and procreating with the new missus, grand-mother is ill and using airwick as a deodorant + flat i'm renting from cousin may be turned into an office before year end... so by friday i wanted to let loose - and that is exactly what i did! a night out on the town with friends including Rocket Man was planned, we all met at Bar Magenta (€6 cocktails, nearly pure liquor), then Morgan's with an on the way bike-crash by The Kid worthy of "Funniest Home Videos" and we ended-up at the club Plastic where i won't even discuss the remainder of the night as it's X-rated...
The rest of the weekend was spent with my friends getting acquainted with Mary Jane, eating gorgeous food, laughing, discovering new music, relaxing but most of all, being happy. i take this moment to thank my friends for being Da Bomb!!!!!!!!!!!

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