tonight i sat down and watched (and cried to) one of my favorite movies OF ALL TIME, 
Out Of Africa... 
i have loved that movie since i was a child and saw it with my mother.
i remember arguing in Finch Hatton's favor
as my mother ardently supported Baroness Blixen;
i always wondered if it would come a day when i'd 'swap sides'... 
that day has not come forth, yet now i just put the tragic end of the film's romance
down to the injustice of love's war vs. reality: 
two people who love each other but whose characters and desires are fundamentally different...
a war lost without the compromise (sacrifice) of one's ideals (nature).

ps: how damn cheesy & 80s is this trailer!! the porno music is cringe-worthy... they should have used one of the soundtrack tunes!

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