wow - 10yrs since the millennium... actually, i don't even want to think about it! a decade is too long a time to be considered. having lived through a decade as an adult makes me feel old, makes me feel like i should be mature. fuck that!

anyways, like every year, i come to some conclusions and set myself some stepping stones for the year. this year, the theme is about openness - open to myself and to others. i always have my usual targets: read min. 12 books, visit a new city/country, lose weight, make friends, find love, etc...

but this year, my specifics are:
  • be open: be open to offers, to life's opportunities, and say yes more as opposed to being closed off to the things that scare me;
  • hack away at my inhibitions: like most humans, i have inhibitions, boundaries that were set-up like forts to protect myself from life's shit - these 'inhibitions' are prohibitive in most cases and need to be abolished. this year's all about freedom!
  • be creative: i haven't been fulfilling my creative surges lately, i've been too busy with work and haven't been in search of inspirations. i need to be way more creative this year, whether it means getting into furniture restoration or learning how to play the guitar, i need to indulge in this side of my nature! 
  • musiclovetravelfreedomlivegroovyexplorepeaseflower: these words are on the cover of a Moleskine notebook (celebrating Woodstock's 40th anniversary) my best friend Claire gave me for  Christmas - i want these words and what they represent to be a constant in my life in 2010.
there you have it!

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