"what do you do?" a question commonly asked on a first encounter, in a professional or social introduction, as casual as "where are you from?"...
"where are you from?" is a hard one for me to master already, mainly because there seems to be so many levels to that answer and all in all, i don't feel like i am from anywhere specifically, just from Europe. i find it hard to answer "what do you do?" for another reason entirely - my job is not interesting! don't get me wrong, it's interesting to me, but to others, it's just sounds dull.

SO, i just never know how to answer that question:

[stranger] "what do you do?"
[BB] "i'm a manager legal & corporate operations at Getty Images"
[stranger] "oh... what does that entail?"
[BB] "well, i manage the corporate governance requirements for over 60 subsidiaries in Europe, Latin America & offshores; i manage all legal operations for the team worldwide; i provide legal sales support for the Milan office; i work on companywide projects and acquisitions/integrations."
[stranger] "oh...", [stranger] wonders off uncomfortably.

you see what i mean. B-O-R-I-N-G! i wish someone could give me the answer which i can then mechanically blurt out as a response and feel not to embarrassed about. it's not that i don't  like my job but i guess i always thought i'd be doing something different such as screenplay writer, humanitarian worker, etc... is the job type really the problem here? could it be just a case of status anxiety? or does my job sound too adult, not young/fun enough and since i am experiencing a 'getting old' rebellion?

you see what i mean, there's too much depth to that question... i believe it should be wiped-off the "introduction protocol" list.

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