i was listening to a radio show on KCRW where famous artists/musicians/actors were asked to choose 5 songs - i thought i'd do the same...

1. heartbreak is a bitch... music helps me get through it and this song was on repeat through this year's heartbreak:

2. i dedicate this song to my best friend Claire who is one of the most precious people to walk our earth - we love the same kind of bearded folk singers and their tunes... love you hon!

3. Bob Marley represents my uni years (the best, worst & most intense years of my life) in Leysin, Switzerland - his tunes were the soundtrack to many a great evening or long kiss or come down or lifty cabin stoniness...

4. i dedicate this song to my best friend Valerio, to all the times we sang this song at the top of our lungs while mixing Neocitran & Mary Jane... love ya!

5. this last song i dedicate to me... learning how to be indifferent to pain helped my survive my youth. i wouldn't be here today if i hadn't learnt how to step back and move on. this song was my mantra in those days. PJ forever & on!

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