PJ FAV 15...

ShtevieBoo and i decided to send each other our top 15 favorite Pearl Jam songs ever - one of the hardest tasks i have ever been given!!!

so here it is, my top 15:

"Nothing As It Seems" from Binaural

"Smile" from No Code

"Off He Goes" from No Code

"Inside Job" from Pearl Jam

"Save You" from Riot Act

"State of Love and Trust" from Live at Lollapalooza 2007

"Corduroy" from Vitalogy

"Betterman" from Vitalogy

"Rearviewmirror" from Vs.

"Indifference" from Vs.

"Given to Fly" from Yield

"Black" from Live at Benaroya Hall

"Jeremy" from TEN

"Garden" from TEN

"The Fixer" from Backspacer

"Lukin" from Live at Lollapalooza 2007

...well 16 actually but Lukin is not a whole song!

and here's ShtevieBoo's:

"..what a mission! This is pretty close though..lucky it wasnt 10 songs or otherwise my whole arvo was gone..was a pretty nostalgic process..reinstated my faith :-)

"Gone" from Pearl Jam

"Off He Goes" from No Code

"Nothing Man" from Vitalogy

"Given To Fly" from Yield

"Present Tense" from No Code

"Yellow Leadbetter" from Lost Dogs

"Elderly Woman" from Vs

"Immortality" from Vitalogy

"Light Years" from Binaural

"Release" from Ten

"Betterman" from Vitalogy

"In My Tree" from No Code

"Daughter" from Vs

"Porch" from Ten

"I Got Shit" from Merkinball

(hey..if your gonna do 16..then..i couldnt really choose between "Once", "Oceans", "Jeremy", "Black" or "Garden"...or "Alive"..so one of them!!..what an album!)"

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