i fell for John Derian my very first day in Milano...

i was walking around looking for a supermarket to buy some essentials, and i came across a shop, Raw, on Corso Magenta round the corner from my apartment - it is the most intriguing negozio i have come across in Milano yet! Raw sells antique sign letters, taxidermy, Diptyque candles, antique furniture & dentist equipment AND John Derian pieces... i have yet to buys something of his, it is all so beautiful, i cannot decide which piece i love more! if this Libran indecision continues, i may just have to start a collection!

the collections i prefer from John Derian are his "decoupage" pieces, the round paperweights & plates especially. John Derian is a collector of antique fruit, flower and animal prints, and hand paints borders over ledgers and letters. Derian combines all these elements into perfect collages which are reprinted and pieced together in layers under glass.

take a look at his pieces here: www.johnderian.com

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