i'm an only child by birth but over the years, i've found myself a brother, mio fratello Valerio - we met at college in 1994 (i think... college is somewhat a blur at times) and have been friends ever since. we bonded over cough syrup & Oasis! he he!

Valerio is one of the kindest men in the world, he's so righteous, level-minded, fun and reliable! his soul is worth a million sunrises! he has a spectrum of interests, his intellect has so many levels! he's a great husband and father to his wife and daughter, he's a great brother to Patrick and the best of friends to those who are lucky to have him call them so!

mio fratello has never let me down and never can. he's been there for me always, i hope i can be there for him when he needs it - he just needs to remember to ask...

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