i just saw a film called Rachel Getting Married. it was tragical, painful, magical and beautiful. it just ended a few minutes ago, i've just bought the soundtrack and am now blogging about it - i just didn't want the feelings it brought me to end. i won't relay the story here, i couldn't do it justice. what i will say is give the speedy beginning a chance, as you are not just a spectator but you're part of the protagonist - she's guiding you along the waves of her emotions, just let yourself be driven by her, by jonathan demme's literary way of filming; if one of the characters is reacting to a situation, mr. demme doesn't only show you their face, he chooses to film the back of the character's head, their neck, the curve of their shoulder, allowing you to imagine the expression on the character's face, allowing you to feel what they're feeling, like when reading a book; this is such a welcomed style, after continuously being told by cinema tv how we should feel, react, what we should say or not say - it's liberating! useless words & overacted expressions hold no place in this film, it's so naturally filmed, the scenes are fleeting, blending into one and other just as the workings of our overactive human minds; there's a rhythm to this movie, if you lack 'coordination' or imagination, you'll be left outside the parameters of the film.
rent it/buy it/download it, just please watch it.


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