i just got back from Barcelona today, dropped my bags off at home and went off to join Lau, Vale & Matteo - the reason i rushed back out only just after getting home?
the sun was shining all over Milano!

the meeting point was at a fashionista's house in the old Richard Ginori compound; the reason we were all flocking there was that said fashionista was selling clothes/shoes she no longer needed... like moths to the flame, baby, like moths to the flame!
the house was amazing, very deco, the couple whose house it was, were obviously into their design pieces + i have never seen such a large collection of art/design/fashion/photography books, one whole wall (ceiling to floor) was dedicated to the collection! the crowd was mixed but the fair majority came off the set of Zoolander I SWEAR! hysterical male models, wearing bandanas on their heads, shooting water pistols at each other and giggling like 5yr olds! hilarious visual memory i have!

then we went off on our own, i borrowed Vale's bike as she cycled romantically onwards, sitting on Matteo's lap...as the sun resolved itself to set, so did i...

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