i saw this picture on a blog...
...and since then, i have been dying to create myself some Succulent house art!! i think it's the texture and colors that attract me the most. mmmm, i may use them as window pots... the good thing about Succulents as opposed to normal plants is that the chance of my
killing them with my super un-green fingers is super slim!

in my web search, i found this super cool girl, monkeysalwayslook, who sells Succulents in all types of pots/cups/tins on Etsy. here are a couple of examples of what she does:

so i have loads of ideas of what i want to do - i need to find a couple of bowls/tins for some more intriguing Succulent planting but i also want to do something a bit like this (as my colleague said to me in his italian accent today, "you wanta to maka a famiglia of succulente"):

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