this is my favorite Gustav Klimt painting. i love how he is an older man, very involved in the beauty of the moment - his age permits him to close his eyes, as due to his lifetime of experience in love, he does not need to create a new image but can use an amalgamation of memories he has gathered over the years; i also believe that his ego is somewhat involved in his pose: he is flattered to hold and protect such a nymph, he's infatuated by his own pride. she on the other hand is relishing in this new moment, sign of her youth - it is not the embrace that she enjoys but her role in its significance, her power over her older lover; she is not afraid to look the artist straight in eye, she fears not her nudity, her vanity is lauded by the mere presence of the painter, almost as it he were a mirror she was admiring herself in. beautiful.

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