i did it, i joined a gym. most importantly, i joined a gym called GET FIT... there's no doubt about why i'm going, it's in the name! it's a really nice gym, with a spa area, a pool, a 'healthy' caffe with a roof that opens in the summer. check it out: http://www.getfit.it/NC_home.asp?CLUB=RAVI

i have also signed-up with a personal trainer, Daniele, who is determined to work my body "per eliminare i problemi femminile" such as flabbly stomach & arms, big butts and cellulite in the thigh area - as he was listing the various 'problemi femminile', he ever so charmingly pointed at the relevant areas on my body... Daniele is a funny little character, he is short & buff, with tattoos on his waxed, shiny arms... i'm positive he abandoned the chemical drugs xtasy & speed for the more natural drugs endorphin & adrenaline.

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