so, i turned 30 this year. i was lucky to be in a new spazio in my life, being slap bam in the middle of my adventure - the entry into my 4th decade felt less painful as a result. + i was surrounded by my buddies which makes any experience all that much sweeter.

Claire arrived on the monday:

we ate/drank on the tuesday:
spa'd on the wednesday (my actual bday):

then Mark arrived:
we got completely pissed:

and i fell
asleep fully-
clothed & with my contacts in... i guess i felt that i should slumber my way into the dirty thirties, f**k glamour!

then on thursday, we staggered our way to torino:

where we met with Valerio & Maki, introducing baby Emma to C & M over pizza and more booze:

friday, Claire left to a wedding in switz & Steph arrived in torino:

that night we went for dinner which was me, Steph, Mark, Valerio, Paddy & Bradi, we ate like kings:

then ended-up at a reggae gig

saturday, Paddy came to pick us up early for a touristic stroll around torino, which included a visit to a sex shop, lunch fueled by wine + sticky negritos + many giggles, and finally a trip to the cinema museum:

that night, Berengere & Olivier + Tom & Elka joined the group for a big
dinner at the New Castle pub in Torino for you guessed it: more food & booze!

on sunday, day 7 of my birthday week, Steph went back to london and we went to Eataly and you know it, more food & booze...

Claire got back to torino from her trip to switz and we went for dinner & drinks at Paddy's:

by then, as the BEST BIRTHDAY WEEK EVER came to a close, it was totally about time to go home and sleep - yes, i'm getting old now...

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